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Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
40.7143528 -74.0059731 Based In NewYork
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Innovative solutions
to boost your creative projects

I'd argue that tools are an absolute necessity for every online business. From social media management tools to online invoicing tools, to team communication tools, these are key to saving you time and money and optimizing your productivity and boosting your business.

Online tools

One of the things that differentiates man from most animals is our ability to use tools. Putting together a basic toolbox is something every business owner should do.


The purpose of all business software is to maintain and control the business. Business software is one of the most important assets for business efficiency.


Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier.


E-commerce offers business a whole range of opportunities, from marketing opportunities to increasing your products ranges to generating more sales and with an optimised and well developed website.

My Portfolio

Some Interesting Facts
About me

Started to showing interest for software in my early age at 15 when i became familiar with programming. My first language that I learned, was C, not far after, I’ve learn the php also. I'm very communicative person and I'm able to easily acquire work relations with colleagues. Taking initiative is not a problem at all, not is a finishing tasks that aren't well explained. I'm highly motivated by successful business of a company I'm working for. My experience so far allows me to be involved in a huge spectre.

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My Resume //

Some Words About Me

My Work History

Entrepreneur / Developer / Visionary

Work in company "Kompitenz"

07.2018 - 09.2018
01. -

Complete the project "Ife Milk"

Ife Milk

  • Web Developer
  • Team Leader
  • Work Management
Details +

Web developer - AdamoAds

03. 2016 – 12. 2016
02. -

Web developer - Security Technician

Securing and Building web system for marketing, providing connection between two sides, advertisers and publishers.

Details +

Web developer - Balkan team (Part time job)

01. 2017 – 06. 2017
03. -

Web developer - WordPress Shopify Dev

Providing support of development, most of time building WordPress and Shopify themes and plugins for U.S. clients.

  • Design websites
  • Build features
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Work in company "Founder"

06. 2015 – 02. 2016
04. -

Web Developer / Internship

Build stable e-commerce platforms with all required features to work properly, use all skills to complete it all, front-end / back-end and QA testing.

  • E-commerce system
  • Design platform
  • Building features
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My Video Presentation

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//How I Work

How I Work

My Working Process

Process improvement projects should be undertaken with the object of making the company as good as it can be, not reducing staff. Of course process improvements will change the work, often eliminating tasks. This is obvious.

  • Discuss the project

    Project management

    Is the application of relevant logic and tools to planning, directing, and controlling a temporary endeavor. Almost all companies encounter the need for project management at some point.

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  • Develop & elaborate

    Software Development

    Data Technologies Corporation develops computer software and supplies related technical support to the business community. In order to market and expand its current product line.

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  • Final approvement

    QA testing & Release

    Interestingly, the history of quality assurance starts in World War II, when ammunition had to be tested for performance. Nowadays, the end purpose of QA is to correct potential errors before the product is released.

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My Own Developer's and
Design Skills

I work as developer for a full 4 years without ceasing and through this period, I have gained many experiences, one of those who are most stand out are the ones listed below.


Front-end Manipulation Skills

01. -




Back-end Manipulation Skills

02. -
WordPress Dev

Other Skills

03. -




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